HVAC & Refrigeration

With our expertise in indoor air quality, Listvan Inc. is the perfect company to handle your heating, air conditioning and ventilation needs.

Commercial HVACOperations and Maintenance

We provide full-service maintenance, with dedicated staff to ensure on-going system maintenance and quick repair. This includes oversight of humidity control systems, indoor air quality and computer room air conditioning.


We provide full and partial HVAC system replacement, Ice Machine Installs, Walk In Coolers/Freezers and Exhaust Systems.


From an undercounter fridge to a refrigerated warehouse to a 30-ton-per-day ice machine, we provide full-service maintenance, repair and installation.

Warranty Work

We are authorized to provide warranty for all manufacturers. Invoices are billed directly to the prospective manufacturer.

Heating and Air Conditioning

We have the expertise to clean, monitor, service and maintain your system.

ThermostatsThermostats and Thermostats that Lock

Honeywell has a great interactive website that explains how easy it is to use their programmable/lockable thermostats.

Ventilation Systems

Mechanical ventilation systems in large buildings are designed and operated not only to heat and cool the air, but also to draw in and circulate outdoor air. If they are poorly designed, operated, or maintained, however, ventilation systems can contribute to indoor air problems in several ways.

Problems can arise when, in an effort to save energy, ventilation systems are not used to bring in adequate amounts of outdoor air. Inadequate ventilation also occurs if the air supply and return vents within each room are blocked or placed in such a way that outdoor air does not actually reach the breathing zone of building occupants. Improperly located outdoor air intake vents can also bring in air contaminated with automobile and truck exhaust, boiler emissions, fumes from dumpsters, or air vented from restrooms. Finally, ventilation systems can be a source of indoor pollution themselves by spreading biological contaminants that have multiplied in cooling towers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, or the inside surfaces of ventilation duct work.

Air Quality Testing Service

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